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But what Hamilton remembered most clearly, he says, is that Scarcella told him that he didnt care whether I did it or not, because I didnt serve enough time for my previous case, and I would be going back to jail. In every hood people make a name for themselves. He was done with it. Of the five boroughs Brooklyn was known for producing the thoroughest, most grimiest dudes. After several months, Hamilton was given a time cut, and moved to a regular cellblock.


For years, I told my kids I was coming home, Hamilton said. And Phillip Marshall Copeland, another Bebo said, There was no boss with us, every man was for himself. He owed $294,492.50 for 06, and $217,346.66 for 07. It should have been easy to establish Hamiltons innocence. Can I ask you a personal question?December 15, 2014 Share Tweet Buy a cartoon In January, 2014, Hamilton won his most significant legal victory: a landmark case, known as People v. And even to this day the fearless soldier Pappy Mason who some say is as strong as an ox is ready to go to war. Lets look at how he got to be who he was.


The cop replied. is similar to other forms of solitary confinement, except that most prisoners sent to solitary are given a release date; a sentence to I.P.C. Pappy went to the block looking for Cat and Cat hired him on the spot for $1,000 a week as security. And Pappys work was rewarded by Fat Cat. Plaintiff is being tortured on a daily basis in Attica Correctional Facility Special Housing Unit, he wrote. Buck has since been jailed for gun-charges following said-raid by the IRS after they found firearms at his property during the raid.


If we keep idiolizing this kind of bullshit we will never grow. SNOOP DOGG. According to the lien, he owed income taxes from 2002, 2003 and 2005. Two months later, he was transferred to Shawangunk prison, in Ulster County, eighty miles north of New York City. It was also revealed he owed Uncle Sam property tax to the tune of $339,005.49. Jennette had been released in 2007, after serving twenty-one years, and Hamilton and Robles went to see him at his mothers house, in Crown Heights. Whenever he was denied something that he felt he was entitled tothe right to spend an hour outside each day, to be served a hot breakfast, to see a doctorhe filed a grievance with the prison. He sentenced him to twenty-five years to life.


Each cell measured eight feet by six feet, and the bars on the front of some cells were covered with Plexiglas. (Theres no such thing as a root canal in prison, he says.) It wasnt easy to readjust to normal life. Tales from the pen have circulated of Pappy battling the goon squads and cell extraction teams. They had no receptionist, and stored their files in the hallway. Pap said he wasnt going to plead guilty. In 1995, Judge Rappaport granted Hamilton another hearing, but he didnt find the eyewitness credible. Three of his children visited him, but as they got older they blamed him for being in prison. Hamilton sat in the back row, watching as an officer removed Rosarios handcuffs. They had leather jackets with Bebo on it. Its in the nature of a nigga like Pap. 35c395ab90

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